Feb 28 2009

ALICA Specification published

Published under Robotik

ALICA (A Language for Interactive Cooperative Agents) is a behaviour specification language for teams of agents. It provides modeling elements to describe team behaviours and strategies from a global perspective.

Cooperative behaviour of agents within highly dynamic and nondeterministic domains is an active fi eld of research. In particular establishing highly responsive teamwork, where agents are able to react on dynamic changes in the environment while facing unreliable communication and sensory noise, is an open problem. Moreover, modelling such responsive, cooperative behaviour is difficult. ALICA is a novel model for cooperative behaviour geared towards highly dynamic domains. In this approach, agents estimate each other’s decision and correct these estimations once they receive contradictory information. We aim at a comprehensive approach for agent teamwork featuring intuitive modeling capabilities for multi-agent activities, abstractions over activities and agents, and a clear operational semantic for the new model.

The specification can be found in my download area.

More information can be found on the official ALICA webpage at http://carpenoctem.das-lab.net/research/alica

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